Saturday, May 12, 2012

Plastik fun

This was the other half of my adventure last night, a trip to S H I to get the plastik raincoat.  How can you not love this.  Take a peek at the back....and the sash.  The kimono on the back and the sash are texture change just by touching them.  AND....the plain black shirt I'm wearing....looks like a men's plain scoop neck shirt but it works for women too.  And, catch this....100L for THREE colors.  Yup...all three colors are included in the pack. See style card on previous post for credits on outfit....and know that the plastik coat is from S H I.


Last night I made a long overdue trip to S H I to pick up the paper collar and the plastik coat that was released a while back.  I'm loving the really edgy things and S H I has them (along with MIAMAI in their Metamorphosis collection). 

.style card .
paper collar . s h i
scoop neck shirt in black . s h i
ISIS nails . miamai
hair . girl 16 . dura
earrings . bohemian flare . dark mouse
eye makeup . chod collection . miamai
lipstick . dark kiss . mock

photos by rhawnie draconia 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Want a sexy outfit that will turn the men's heads?  I've found that the latest from the *VoguE* Spring Collection does just that. Elena comes is six springtime colors and has proven to catch a few eyes.  Definitely the split front exposing the belly is a big part of that.  Poofy ruffles around the neck make way to a backless, body skimming sheath that splits away in the front, exposing little metallic hot pants.  That skirt simply swirls around the legs, attracting attention.  This one is pure sex appeal.     

. style card .
dress . elena in sun by *VoguE*
bracelets . melange bangles by zaara
boots . fresh in spring by finesmith

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Runway Perfect Hunt

I'm often disappointed in hunt prizes, but this one from The Runway Perfect Hunt 2 really excited me.  It's an entire outfit, very avante garde.  It's from Bubble's Designs appropriately enough and is called Midnight Lights.  That wild collar, head piece and the random bubbles that float around are magical. 

. style card .
outfit . midnight lights by bubble's designs
nails . dragon fes by WTG 
shoes . esprit by maitreya gold
hair .  brownie by LoQ

. poses .
large photo . exclusive gift from sam . PNP
smaller photo . aleida 2 by morgane batista

. photos shot on location in my studio .

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Take two...

Another look at the new *VoguE* release, Acacia.  This one is my favorite color combination and is called "classic".  Available only at *VoguE* Mainstore, stop by and pick yours up.....just released today so be among the first to have it.

.style card.
outfit . acacia in classic by *VoguE*
hair . burnsie in vanilla by bliss couture
hat . miah in black by bliss couture
nails . **J:D-02-silver** by +:+WTG+:+ 

photos taken in *VoguE* staff lounge 


Still obsessing on accessories at Miamai.  They satisfy my dark edge.  These nails....ehm....claws perhaps....are amazing.  Birdlike with feathers attached, little gems and spheres floating around them.  Imagination at it's best, that's the stuff I like.  Again from Miamai BlackLabel, the Metamorphosis Collection, these are Isis Nails in black. 

Top it off

Hats, headdresses, eyepatches, masks, eye pieces....are they not the coolest things?  I adore them.  Here I've discovered Miamai's BlackLabel and am wearing Dakini Headdress Black from the Chod Collection.  I've also got on the Chod Collection Eyeshadow.  

For those times when a very different, prominent, memorable headdress is important, don't miss Miamai.  This selection is in their BlackLabel area, but the hair section boasts some phenomenal hair as well that can't be missed.